Humans Live Alongside The Animal Kingdom, But That Doesn't Mean That We Play Fair. Unfortunately, Humanity Has Failed In Such A Way That Animals Are Dying Off One By One. Here Are 10 Animals That Extinct Because Of Humans.

10. West African Black Rhinoceros

West African Black Rhinoceros

Thanks to increases in the demand for rhino horn, poachingwas rampant for West African black rhinoceros. when it was discovered that therhinos' numbers were shrinking they became critically endangered in 2000.therhinos were mainly seem in Cameroon with the last one spotted in 2006.sadly,after an unsuccessful search in 2001 the western black was declared extinct.There were no signs of the rhino, but there were plenty of signs of widespreadpoaching.

9. Pyrenean Ibex

Pyrenean Ibex

The Pyrenean ibex was a type of wild goat and it went exitextinct in 2000.the animal was one of four subspecies of the Iberian ibex andresided in the Iberian Peninsula, but speculations include its inability tocompete with local wildlife for food as well as poaching. In 2009 there was anattempt to clone the Pyrenean ibex, but the baby died shortly after due to lungfailure.

8. Caribbean Mink Seal

Caribbean Mink Seal

The Caribbean monk seal was found mainly in the Gulf ofMexico and the Caribbean Sea. Starting in the 15th century European explorershunted the seal for its oil, fur, and meat. All those qualities were valuablefor the local fisherman and it eventually became too much. The last Caribbeanmonk seal was seen 1950, but it took until 2008 for niaa to declare thatspecies was now extinct.

7. Zanzibar Leopard

Zanzibar Leopard

It is believed that Zanzibar leopard leopard went extinct inthe 1990s.the leopard resided only in the Zanzibar archipelago of Tanzania anddied because of superstition. The leopards were believed it has belonged towitches and they were supposedly sent out to cause harm to the localpopulation. This fear inspired an extermination campaign and the campaigncontinues. There is hope that perhaps the leopard has survived, but there hasn'tbeen a sign of its existence in years.

6. Carolina Parakeet

Carolina Parakeet

Domesticating parakeets are nothing new, but the story ofthe Carolina parakeet is a tragic one. It was the only bird that thrived in theUnited States that wasn't a foreign bird. Unfortunately, the feathers of aCarolina parakeet became extremely popular as a fashion accessory for women'shats. This led the widespread hunting of the bird and the last known bird waskilled in 1904.the Carolina parakeet was declared extinct in 1939.

5. Tasmanian Tiger

Tasmanian Tiger

The Tasmanian tiger wasn’t a tiger, but instead it was the largestcarnivorous marsupial in our modern time. The Tasmanian tiger resided inAustralia and the last living tiger was seen in the 1930' found theTasmanian tigers bothersome and a threat to their livestock so they hiredhunters to shoot the animals upon sight. Eventually this led to their imminentextinction despite local efforts to save the species.

4. Passenger Pigeon

Passenger Pigeon

passenger pigeons once took up 25 to 45% of the world's birdpopulation and 3 to 5 billion of them existed. What happened? Humans. Thepassenger pigeons resided in forests and when they were cleared away forfarmland problems arose. The passenger pigeons were destroying crops and peoplehad to resort to shooting them down and eating them. The last passenger pigeonwas named Martha and died in 1914.the passenger pigeon has been extinct eversince.

3. Quagga


Quake was a subspecies of the plains zebra and they lived inSouth Africa until the 1880's.the quake had some of the most beautiful hides inthe world which made them a target for poacher and hunters. eventually, thelast of the last of the wild quake were killed in the 1870's and the lastcaptive quake died in an Amsterdam zoo in 1833.scientists have been working ontrying to create a duplicate species through testing and breeding called thequake project.

2. Flatland Island Wolf

Flatland Island Wolf

The Falkland islandwolf was the only native mammal in the Falkland islands and it went extinct in1876.sadly, the island's settlers were certain that the wolves were attackingtheir livestock and sheep. To protect their land, the settlers started shootingthe wolves on site and leaving out poison. The endeavor was clearly successfulas the wolf quickly was wiped from the earth.

1. Great Auk

Great Auk

The extinction of the great auk is a tragic tale if not alsoan ironic one. They lived on the rocky coastal lines of the north Atlantic inCanada, Greenland, Iceland, the British Isles and Scandinavia. Hunters wipedout most of the population. Then the flightless birds became so rare that theirpellets, eggs, and skins were extremely valuable. The great auk extinct in the1850's and one of the last known adults were strangled by sigurdur isleifssonwhile his partner, ketill ketilsson, smashed the pairs' incubating egg with hisboot.


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