Call them old wives’ tales, traditions passed along the generations or simply life hacks, these simple tasks can really help when you’re feeling under the weather. Here are ten easy life hacks for when you get sick.

10. Chicken Soup

	Chicken Soup

 Believe it or our moms and grandmas were right;chicken soup really is good for getting rid of a cold. While it doesn’t cure acold, it certainly does help alleviate some of the symptoms. Chicken soupcontains an amino acid called cysteine, which is chemically similar to amedication that helps to reduce inflammation. As an added bonus the salty brothhelps to thin mucus and the protein rich chicken helps produce antibodies. 

9. Eat raw Honey

Eat raw Honey

Honey is a natural immune booster.  It helps to soothe the throat and alsocontains anti- viral properties. It has to be real, raw honey though, not theprocessed homey that comes in a little cute plastic bear. Eating a spoonful ofraw honey or mixing it into a cup of hot water or tea can help shorten the lifeof a cold and make us more comfortable. Once we begin to feel a bit better itcan also be added to warm milk to help you sleep.

8. Avoid Too Much Dairy

Avoid Too Much Dairy

While it has been said that dairt while sickcauses the body to produce phlegm, this isn’t quite true. What it actually doesis thicken the existing mucus that drips sown the throat when sick, causingmore irritation. Drinking milk, eating yogurt or snacking on ice cream maysoothe a sore throat due to their coolness, but too much can cause problems,especially if an upset stomach is involved.

7. Steam Treatments

Steam Treatments

  No, this doesn’t mean a treatment at some fancyspa. This is something that can done right in the comfort of our own homes.Steam helps to loosen mucus in the nasal passages, which makes it easier tobreathe when we’re staffed up, but doesn’t dry out our noses. Humidifiers aregreat for this, but if there isn’t one handy there are other ways. One thing wecan do is hot shower, close the bathroom door and let the room fill with steam.No need to get in the tub, this effect can be achieved by simply being in theclosed room.

6. Drink Lots of Fluids

Drink Lots of Fluids

 When we’re sick bodies lose a lot of fluidsthrough sweating, coughing, blowing our noses and sneezing, so we should bedrinking at least two quarts of liquid a day to avoid dehydration. If we becomedehydrated there’s a good chance of illness sticking around even longer. Tea,soup, juice and water are great, but should be warm or room temperature thancold. Cold water or juice can upset an already irritated tummy when we’re sick,making nauseous. 

5. Eat a Clove of Garlic

Eat a Clove of Garlic

It may sound crazy,but garlic has a lot of health benefits to it including antimicrobial,antiviral and antibiotic properties. It can help reply relieve cold symptomsand shorten and shorten the duration of a cold as it gives the immune system abit of a boost. There are all kinds of supplements available in health foodstores and the organic aisle of grocery store, but it’s most effective whenjust taken raw. After crushing a clove of garlic, leave it sitting for fifteenminutes; this allows the antibacterial agent, allicin, to develop. To make iteasier to eat raw garlic can be mixed with olive oil or honey and placed on acracker.

4. Onions in Socks

Onions in Socks

The health benefits of onions have been knownfor centuries, but not just when they are consumed. In the 1500s people wouldplace raw, cut onions around their homes to protect them from the bubonicplague.  By the 1800 they realized thatit was germs, bacteria and viruses, but continued to use onions in preventativemedicine. Even today the idea that onions are toxin attracting continues.  It’s been said in several health blogs thatplacing an uncooked, cut onion in your socks overnight can help purify theblood and kill germs and bacteria in your feet, therefore affecting your entirebody.

3. Sleep, Sleep, Sleep

Sleep, Sleep, Sleep

Getting a goodnight’s sleep is always recommended, but it’s even more important when you’refeeling under the weather. Sleep helps the body fight infection, which is whyfeel so lethargic when we’re sick; it’s our bodies telling us what we need todo feel better. Studies have shown that sleep deprivation while sick canactually lengthen the duration of a cold or the flu. So when our bodies aretelling us sleep, it’s best listen.

2. Gargle Salt Water

Gargle Salt Water

   While it may taste terribly, gargling with saltwater can help ease a sore throat more quickly. Mixing half a teaspoon of saltinto a glass of warm water and gargling, making sure not to swallow themixture, is less harsh than many over the counter remedies from the pharmacy.Doing this a few times a day, every six to eight hours or so, can offer some reliefand shorten the duration of a sore throat caused by the common cold. However ifa sore throat persists for more two days its best just see the doctor.

1. Garlic in Ears

Garlic in Ears

  We all know that garlic is good for us thoughnot many of us have ever thought to put it in our ears. According to an oldwives’ tale cutting a clove of garlic into a small plug, wrapping it in tissueand inserting it just inside the ear canal can help cure an ear infection.Within fifteen minutes it alleviates the pain and in forty- Eight hours itclears the infection completely. It’s said this is best done at night.


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