10 Amazing People with Incredible Talent

10. Ted Williams

	Ted Williams

Ted Williams became an overnight celebrity in2011 while he was a homeless man living on the streets. A videographer from alocal news station saw Williams’ sing, which depicted that he, had a goldenvoice. The public realized that he wasn’t lying and Williams was an instantcelebrity. Thanks to this his incredibly talented voice that is perfect fortelevision and movie trailers. William is no longer homeless and works as afull time voice over artist

9. Wel Mingtang

Wel Mingtang

 What originally started as a health ailmentevolved into a party trick which opened doors to a carrier of performingprofessionally. Wel minting of china realized that his ears expelled a lot ofair and decided to hone in on the health ailment and started blowing upballoons with his ears. He can also blow out a large amount of candles he is aregular celebrity guest at numerous festivals in china.

8. Natalya Demkina

	Natalya Demkina

  Natalya demkina is a young girl from Russia whoessentially has x ray vision. Meaning that she can look at people who are illand be able to tell them what their ailments are. Dr.  Ray Hyman from New York city was interestedand flew Natalya out tests her. Out of her six tests. She got four of themcorrect. That alone is impressive, but too risky to put someone full time inthe medical field guessing what is making people sick.

7. Kevin Richardson

Kevin Richardson

Kevin Richardson is a self-proclaimed large catwhisperer and has the ability to spend intimate time with dangerous felineslike lions and cheetahs without the fear of being at tacked. Perhaps Richardsonhas a soul that bonds easily with these ferocious beasts and it is a talentthat he has cultivated and shared with zoos and other animal companies all overthe world.

6. Tibetan monks

Tibetan monks

In the Buddhistreligion. There is a belief that there is an alternate reality all around us.To harness the power and peace of this reality Tibetan monks have theincredible talent of changing their body temperature though the practice of“Tum Mo’ which is a meditation practice. Scientists have studied these monksand found that they can raise their body temperature be 6 percent.  As well as slow down their metabolisms. 

5. Orlando Serrell

	Orlando Serrell

In 1979. Orlando serrell was playing basketballwhen the ball slammed into the side of his head. Like an origin story for asuperhero. Orlando was dealing with intense headaches that would last forhours. However. He found that he could now figure out complex calendarcalculations. As well as remember intricate details of his life. His braindamage turned into an incredible talent.

4. Anne Maria Hefele

Anne Maria Hefele

Anne- Maria hefelehas the amazing ability to sing two notes at once. She has been training hervoice since 2005 so that she can become a professional polyphonic overtonesinger. She can sing low and high notes at the same time. And the sound of hervoice has been described as haunting and “otherworldly”.

3. Mr. Methane

Mr. Methane

Also known as Paul Oldfield. Mr. Methane is aprofessional flautist. Or a professional farter. He discovered his talent whileat yoga and found that he could take in air into his anus and expel it at will.Mr. Methane goes on tour with his act. Much to the delight of audiences whoenjoy bathroom humor. While it is gross. You have to admit that being able tofart on command is pretty impressive. 

2. Ru Anting

Ru Anting

  After Ru anting lost his job of 20 years. Hedecided to cultivate his talent of being able to write calligraphy with histear ducts.  He breathes in a largeamount of water through his nose and then pushes it out of his eyes. He firstdiscovered this talent when he was a kid and realizing he could shoot out thewater he swallowed out of his eyes. Today. Anting can shoot water up to 10 feetaway.

1. Daniel Browning Smith

Daniel Browning Smith

 Better known as “the rubber boy” Daniel browningsmith has the incredible ability to dislocate his joints and able to performcomplication contortions. He can even fit his body through a tennisracket.  His talent hasn’t gone unnoticedby the media and smith has made numerous appearances in movies like “men inblack 2”.


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