There are certain annoyances people have to go through every day. Like putting the toilet seat down, or forgetting what side of the car the gas tank is on. With some innovation and smart thinking, people have found ways to make the world a little bit smoother for everyone. These are 10 easy solutions to everyday problems!

10. No Drip Coffee Cup

No Drip Coffee Cup

  If you’ve ever had a cup of coffee, then thereis a good chance you have had a little drip down the side of the cup. This is aregular occurrence for many, and can lead to rings on your desk, or even worse,coffee stains on your work. There is now a genius solution to this problem, acup with a reservoir to catch the drips! It ean be used like any coffee cup,just without the mess! Now you can have dry lap, and a dry desk at work.

9. Produce Color Sticker

Produce Color Sticker

  There are many people who go grocery shopping.And have no idea what they are doing when it comes to selecting produce. Areyou supposed to squeeze a tomato, or smell an avocado? Knowing if something isripe or not has become a science, and it seems like grandmas know the formulas.A few produce companies have taken the guesswork out of trying to figure outthe ripeness of their products. By placing special stickers on them. Thestickers have a color indicator on them that shows you what color the produceyou are buying should be for the best flavor and ripeness.

8. USB Memory Censor

USB Memory Censor

  USB sticks are one of the best inventions sincesliced bread, but it does come with some faults. It’s hard to tell how muchspace is taken up on your USB memory stick at any given moment. The people atLexar noticed this problem and developed a USB stick to end all USB stick toend all USB sticks. Lexar took a cue from battery censors that showed how much powerwas left on the batteries, and developed USB sticks that has a censor on theoutside that shows how much space has been used.

7. Hand Tie

Hand Tie

 There is nothing better than an invention thatis creative, fashionable, and serves more than one purpose. With this tie, youcan look fashionable and keep your phone clean. The tie has a microfiberinterior, so when you phone is looking a bit crusty; you can use tie to cleanit off. The tie also good for the sunglasses you will be wearing now that youare a life hacking superstar.

6. Roof Pumps

Roof Pumps

  What is more annoying than driving up to a gasstation pump and forgetting what side of the car the tank is on? A gas stationin Korea has made this daily conundrum obsolete with its invention of the roof-hanging pump. You can use this pump no matter what side of your car the gastank is on. The pump hangs from the roof above, and can be pulled to eitherside of your car. Say good- bye to the guessing game at the gas station, theKoreans have figured it out!

5. Notched Chair

	Notched Chair

 A common problem that many women face daily istrying to find a place to put their purse when they sit down. The floor isnever ideal, because it’s dirty, and makes the purse hard to guard. The flooris never ideal, because it’s dirty, and makes the purse hard to guard. Many womenwill hang their purse on the back of a chair, but the straps slip off and thebag will end up on the floor. Now, there is a chair that solves this annoyingproblem. This chair that has a notch built into it so that it can hold yourbag. Why is this not the standard for every chair?

4. Sunscreen Indicator Markers

Sunscreen Indicator Markers

Applying sunscreen is a great way to preventskin cancer, but just because you have applied it, doesn’t mean it’s workingall day! There are now markers that you can apply to your skin that can helpsolve this problem. The markers ink will change color on your skin, and warnyou when it’s time to reapply your sunscreen. this can be a great way to helpprevent skin cancer, as well bring awareness to the length of time sunscreen isactually affective.

3. Microbicidal Paint

Microbicidal Paint

 There are so many surfaces around the worldcovered in paint, wouldn’t it be great if the paint served more than onepurpose? Other than making the world beautiful, this paint can actually helpkeep the world healthy! This pain is considered high- tech and can killinfection- causing bacteria. The paint has been proven to kill higher than 99.9percent of staph, E. Coli, and more after only 2 hours of exposure. This couldactually lead to the of certain spreadable bacterial diseases. 

2. Scoop That

Scoop That

Have you ever triedto scoop your favorite ice cream only to find that it is as solid as a rock?Many people will risk microwaving their ICE Cream, just to make it scoopable,but what is left is a dripping mess. There is now an innovative invention thatwill spare your bent spoons, and have you scooping ice cream in no time! The“scoop that” self- heating Ice Cream scoop uses your heat to warm the scoop andmakes it easier to dish out your favorite frozen concoction. The best thing isit doesn’t use any electricity, so you will never have to charge it! 

1. Flush down Device

Flush down Device

   If you’ve ever lived with someone of theopposite sex, then you know the war that can ensue over the placement of thetoilet seat. Should all men put toilet seat down, or should women just get overit and put it down themselves? One company has solved this domestic issue withthe invention of the flush- down toilet seat. This seat will automatically putitself down after the user has flushed the toilet. It is an easy set up, anddoesn’t even require any tools!


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