In the animal kingdom the species tend to only hang out with other animals like themselves. Sure, your domesticated cat may be best friends with your dog, but out in the wild those sorts of cross- species friendships are rare. After all, dog being friends with an elephant? Yes, these following friendships are pretty unusual- but they also 100% awesome. Like a live action Disney film, these real animal friends will definitely make you smile.

10. Leo, Baloo and Shere Khan

	Leo, Baloo and Shere Khan

  All we need is an orphaned boy living in theforest and we would have ourselves a real life jungle book. LEO the Africanlion, baloo the black bear and shere khan the Bengal tiger started out life inrather unhappy conditions. All three were discovered in the basement of anAtlanta home during a drug raid. Sick, malnourished and scared, the three cubswere taken to the Noah’s ark animal sanctuary. Since then they have developedinto a real family and have only been separated once in their lives when balooneeded surgery.  Whether playing orsleeping, this really is a case of lions and tigers and bears- oh my!

9. Manni and Candy

Manni and Candy

Does it gets moreunusual than a wild boar and a jack Russell terrier? Looking at pictures ofmanni and candy playing you can’t not smile given its obvious how much theylove playing with each other.  Thingsweren’t always happy, however. Manni the boar was found abandoned and starvingin a field in Germany. A family took him in; bottle- fed him and introduced himto the family dog- candy. The two play hide and seek, chase each other andmanni has even reportedly started to try and bark in an effort to communicatewith his friend.

8. Moses and Everyone

Moses and Everyone

 Besides another otter, what sort of animal wouldbecome friend with an otter? It turns out, quite a few. Moses is an orphanedotter who was raised in a South African animal park since his just days old.Exposed to all sorts of animals from such a young age, the little otter doesthe morning rounds, saying hello to all the big cats even getting in some timefor a few licks. When that’s done he’s either hanging out with the family dogor enjoying some physical play with the park’s hyenas. 

7. Kasi and Mtani

Kasi and Mtani

What happens when you put a cheetah cub with aLabrador retriever puppy?  Obviously youget a super cute moment- but how long can a wild cat and a dog really befriends? It turns out a long time. Ksi the cheetah and mtani the lab were bothrescue animals who were raised together at busch gardens. The two playedtogether and got along really well as the grew. Today, looking to impress thelady cheetah, Kasi spends less time with mtani. After all, how are you supposedto impress the ladies if you do is hang out with dogs? That said, the tworemain friends and occasionally spend time hanging out and playing.

6. Fred and Dennis

Fred and Dennis

 When Dennis the duckling’s mom was killed by afox, things looked bleak. Then Fred came along. No, Fred isn’t a human but ayellow Labrador retriever. Fred’s first instinct wasn’t to wat the little birdbut lick him in an effort to get him clean. Having ‘adopted’ Dennis, Fredpretty much looks out for him, sleeps with him and even goes to the nearby pondwhere they swim together.  Just how theirfriendship will develop as Dennis gets bigger is anyone’s guess. But we’rebetting Fred is training Dennis to chase that pesky cat. 

5. The Fox and The Hound

The Fox and The Hound

 If Disney was looking a much happier and live-action version of their classic animated film, here it is. While we’re used tothinking of dogs and foxes as enemies, these two provide for much differentstory. When wildlife ranger zammit brought home forest stump- a tailless fox hestruck up an immediate friendship with barney- a dog missing much of his tailas well. Barney and forest clearly didn’t care that they were different speciesand as the evidence suggests, really enjoy the time they spend playing togetheron the farm.

4. Wilma and Bea

Wilma and Bea

 If you ever visit Busch gardens Serengeti plainexhibit, you’re sure to see a rather strange sight if you spot Wilma and bae.That’s because bae the giraffe and Wilma the ostrich are pretty good friends.This unlikely duo spend a lot of time together although surely the friendshipgoes beyond discussing the UPS and downs of long necks and legs. Bea can oftenbe spotted licking Wilma, who doesn’t seem to mind the rather long, wet tongue.When that’s this strange duo are known to hang out, like when they relax by thewater.

3. Bone digger and Milo

Bone digger and Milo

You’ve heard the expression ‘fighting like catsand dogs?’ Well, at exotic Animal Park in Oklahoma it’s probably more accurateto say ‘playing like cats and dogs’. You see, the park is home to bone digger,a 500 LB lion who has made best- friends with milo, a much smaller dachshund.For years these two have been inseparable and can be found cleaning each other,playing and even eating together. In fact, when brings around his pack offriends, in fact, when milo brings around his pack of friends, bone diggerjoins right in, despite the fact he’s larger and from a totally differentspecies.

2. Torque and Shrek

	Torque and Shrek

In the world ofunlikely animal friendships, torque and Shrek definitely deserve a mention.What’s so strange? Well, torque is a greyhound and Shrek is an owl. The twocame in contact when Shrek was removed from her mother for fear she mightkilled. Torque accepted the duty as watchdog and sticks close to the littleowl, even snuggling on the couch and reportedly watching TV together. In fact,whenever Shrek wanders off to stretch her legs or just explore, you can findtorque nearby keeping an eye out to ensure his little friend stays safe. 

1. Bubbles and Bella

Bubbles and Bella

  Elephants are fascinating animals which stand outbecause they get so big. Take bubbles for example. She’s a 9000 LBS elephantwho resides at South Carolina’s myrtle safari. However, she hasn’t let her sizeget in the way of making friends with someone much smaller. Enter Bella theLabrador retriever. Abandoned as a puppy at the park, Bella quickly becamefriends with bubbles. The two go on walks and even swim together- which isgreat for Bella because she uses bubbles as a mobile diving board. 


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