Danger lurks around every corner, and while we would like to think it’s only the scary looking stuff, it’s much more sinister than that. What is the most dangerous is the very thing that looks harmless. Here are 10 everyday things that are actually dangerous!

10. Your Bed

Your Bed

 Each year, nearly 2 million people go to theemergency room from falling out of bed and nearly 400,000 are admitted into thehospital, and about 450 die each year. Falling out of bed is more dangerousthan one would think, especially if you fall in a way that could a head injury.Also, mattresses double in weight from dead skin, sweat, and bed bugs… which isfar from sanitary.

9. Pressed wood products

Pressed wood products

 Cheaper furniture made from pressed wood productsare quite popular, as they are affordable and disposable. Even homesconstructed in the seventies and eighties were made from pressed wood. However,when these products are heated, they emit dangerous gases, as the glue andresin is urea- formaldehyde. This causes watery eyes, breathing issues, andcancer in animals and possibly humans.

8. Televisions


1.      reasons that people today have becomesedentary, reducing the amount of activity and exercise in a person. Also,televisions emit different kinds of radiation like x- rays and electromagneticfields that can cause health issues with prolonged exposure. Finally, numerouschildren have died from televisions falling on them due to their heavy weight.              

7. Smartphones


While smartphones are one of the most popularconsumer products today, they are also some of the most dangerous. First, youcan severely damage your neck from constantly looking down at your phone, called“text neck”. Second, over 25% of car accidents that occur are from the use ofsmartphones like texting and driving. Third, a crazy number of accidents occurfrom people walking into things because they aren’t paying attention to theirsurroundings.

6. Icicles


Icicles are pretty to look at in the winter, butthey are deadly murder weapons just waiting for their next kill.  In Russia alone, over 100 people are killedeach year from being impaled by a falling icicle. Similar injuries happen eachyear in freezing environments like Chicago and New York City. Given thaticicles are sharp at the end, they are little daggers freefalling into your neckas you walk down the side sidewalk.

5. Q- Tips

Q- Tips

 It says right there on the q tip packaging thatyou should never stick one into your ear. While we like to think we’re cleaningthe wax out of our ears with the tiny cotton swab, doctors say that we pushmore ear wax in than take out. This ends up causing wax impaction into the ear,causing hearing loss and even damage to cognitive thinking. Plus, q tips alsocause irritation to the ear canal and can even puncture the eardrum. 

4. Stairs


  If you think taking the stairs is the healthieroption, think again. Each year, over one thousand people die from stair-related injuries. In fact, stairs are some of the most dangerous things in thehome, as children and elderly are more vulnerable to falling down the stairsdue to poor coordination and balance. All it takes is for one wrong step tohappen for someone to plummet down the stairs. If the staircase was poorlydesigned and constructed, then the odds of injury are even worse.

3. Tooth picks

Tooth picks

  Tooth picks are convenient after a meal when youwant to get food out of the gaps in between your teeth. However, toothpicks arequite dangerous. A New York Times article from 1984 revealed that over 8,000people were injured from toothpicks at the time. From accidentally swallowing atoothpick to puncturing an eye or ear from playing around. To causing damage togums, toothpicks are just not worth the risk.

2. Elevators


 Each year, about 27 people die and over 10,000get injured from using an elevator. While experts want us to believe thatelevators are extremely safe, the dangers from elevators are quite dramatic. In2011, a woman named Suzanne hart stepped into an elevator in new York city whenthe doors closed on her and shot upward, crushing her to death by pinning herbetween the elevator  and the wall.

1. Candles


 lighting candles is one of the world’s mostcommon activities. Whether it’s to create a more relaxing environment, set aromantic mood, or make a room more festive with the holiday spirit. But candlesare quite dangerous because it’s an open flame that is just sitting there,waiting to catch something on fire. About 3% of the house fires from 2009- 2013were started from candles, and most of the started in the bedroom from thecandle being exposed near combustible objects. 


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