Being left handed can make one feel like they’re more different than average, especially when they live in a right- handed world. Here are 10 things left handed people will understand.

10. Scissors


 Traditional scissors or right- handed scissorsare made so that the grip of a righty keeps the blades together and creates acleaner cut. It’s much more than just holding the scissors upside down, it’s acompletely different way to make the blades function, which isn’t as effective.This is likely why the market for left handed scissors is so successful.

9. Can Openers

Can Openers

It may seem crazy to think about, but canopeners are very friendly to righties, and a near death experience forlefties.  When trying to use a standardcan opener, lefties often have to deal with botched cans or even a gash hereand there as they try to open up a can of tuna. Blood definitely doesn’t gowell with tuna or beans.

8. Backwards Clicking

Backwards Clicking

 While the technology market has gotten better atcreating products that serve people of both hands, there are still things thatare solely catered to right handed people. Lefties will often have to switchthe sides of their mouse and the right and left- click buttons do verydifferent things. Essentially, the way that a lefty has to navigate around acomputer is a different adventure than what righties are used to.

7. Chains


 For anyone who goes to the bank or post office,and has to use one of those pens know that they are attached to the counter bya chain. For right handed people this isn’t a major problem besides the chainbeing a bit too short. However, for a leftie, they are a major inconveniencewhere they are doomed to sign. And address their materials away from theservice window.

6. Video games

Video games

 Video Games are some of the most popular pasttimes in the world, and if you’re a righty playing against a lefty, you’regoing to have some advantage. While controllers are being made to be moreneutral, playing on a keyboard and some controllers are geared towardsrighties. It may not seem like much, but lefties have stated that they feel asthough their coordination is slightly off since controllers are made with themore vital buttons on the right side that they can be controlled by thedominant hand.

5. Playing Sports

Playing Sports

Sports equipment likemitts, gloves, and large sticks were made for right handed people. Lefties willoften have to special order equipment to suit their lefty needs. If a player isdepended on equipment provided by the team, there aren’t usually enough lefthanded equipment to provide for all the lefties on a team.  Golf clubs are another issue, and there iscertain risk of injury should a righty and a left gold next to each other, letalong hold their club without hitting someone.

4. Bumping Hands

Bumping Hands

 If you’re sitting someplace in close quarterswith a righty, like at the dinner table, you’re in for quite a ride. Leftiesand righties sitting together will usually bump hands while eating or writing,and it’s an annoyance that affects both parties. This also includes a leftysharing a table with a righty at school. In those cases, teachers and studentshave to be cautious on where they place their kids on the seating chart.

3. Note Books

Note Books

Notebooks arecommercially made for right handed people. But what could possibly be theinconvenience for lefties? Indents in their arms from the spiral bound. Even ifthey fold the note book in half, there is still the curse of those wireindents. The only way this can be avoided is to turn the note book upside down,which usually doesn’t fly for school.

2. Cups


 When you think of things like measuring cups andmugs, they all come with a nice handle so you don’t have to burn yourself oraccidentally drop it. Measuring cups in the United States have measurements forboth the metric and imperial system. If you’re a righty holding a measuringcup, you’ve seen your typical imperial measurements. But for lefties, they seethe metric system. Also, if you have a cute mug that has a message at thebottom of the cup, lefties will see it upside down.

1. Desks


When you look at a desk, all you probably see isa flat surface with an armrest. But for any lefty that went to school, they hadto deal with the fact that desks were created for righties. That lovely armrestwas made for a right arm to lean on, and desks in general were made forrighties. Granted, there are a few left- handed desks out there, but there areusually not enough to go around.


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