The world of science is constantly changing based on new discoveries, and that sometimes means that what we thought was right was incorrect. Here are 10 things science got wrong.

10. Water Consumption

	Water Consumption

  Doctors, trainers, and scientists long told thepublic that to get enough water; we had to drink 8 glasses per day. While thepractice is a good habit, it just isn’t true. Our bodies get wear our food, aswell as beverages like soda, tea, and juice. Also, our bodies are different,and therefore have different needs so, one person may only need a fewglasses  while someone else who works outfor several hours a day would need more water. When it comes to water amounts,listen to your body and see what happens!

9. Swallowing Gum

	Swallowing Gum

 Our parents, our doctors, and even old wives’tales of the mid- 20th century have told us that if we swallow ourchewing GUM, then it takes our stomachs 7 years to digest it. The thought ofhaving GUM sitting in our stomach for long is disturbing, and it’s not truewhat is true is that our body can’ digest GUM, but it moves through ourdigestive track and we end up pooping it out quickly. 

8. Pruning Fingers

Pruning Fingers

When we swim or bathe for too long, our fingersand toes being to prune. Early days of science had us believe that thiswrinkling happened so that we can still maintain the grip on our fingers and toesshould we need to climb out of a bad situation. However, a recent scientificstudy found that this wasn’t the case after testing the theory on people withwet and dry extremities. Then why the wrinkling?  It’s the result of the narrowing of our bloodvessels, which is a reaction when immersed in water.

7. Taste Buds

Taste Buds

1.     depending on where your food was onyour tongue, that’s what you tasted. Science has since corrected themselves andproven that this couldn’t be any more wrong. In fact, 5 different tastes havebeen since identified, and it turns out that the tongue tastes the same thingall over regardless of quadrant or location.

6. Drinking Alcohol

	Drinking Alcohol

 Despite what your parents have told you, drinkingalcohol doesn’t kill your brain cells. So that’s good news for drinkers!  But the bad news is that alcohol can stillcause brain damage, it’s just not from cell death. Also, if you’re out in the coldand you want a drink to warm you up, you’re countering your body’s naturalheating protocol, and drinking alcohol can do the opposite of warming you updespite how you may be feeling.

5. Great Wall

Great Wall

Of China the GreatWall of China is one of mankind’s greatest achievements, and one that you cansee from space .from this concept birthed a myth eventually was disguised asfact, even by scientists; that you can see the great wall from the moon. Sincespace programs all over the world are becoming more precise, this theory hasbeen tested, and it turns out you can only lights on the earth from the moon.

4. Lightning Strikes

	Lightning Strikes

 When it came to weather, we mistakenly believedthat lightning never strikes twice, and it was based on scientific fact for thelongest time thanks to meteorologists on the news. However, the longer we havestudied the weather, scientists have realized that lightning can not onlystrike twice in the same spot, but several times, and it is inevitable thatthis will occur based on statistics.

3. Five Senses

Five Senses

 We grew up thinking that all we have are fivesenses; touch, smell, hearing, seeing, and tasting. But it was all based- onscience.  We have much more than five senses.Science has been able to break down the five basic categories and divide theminto more senses like touch, temperature, pressure, and more. So, next timesomeone says the only sixth sense is in a horror movie, you have the info to correctthem!

2. Hair and Nails

Hair and Nails

Thanks to science, we have long believed thatour hair and fingernails continue to grow long after death because thefollicles supposedly keep creating new cells. That’s not the case because oncethe body dies, the decomposing of cells begins dies, the decomposing of cellsbegins. The reason why hair and nails look longer on corpses, is that have beendead a while and it’s due to the skin dehydrating and being pulled back.

1. Seeing Red

Seeing Red

 For decades, thanks to the matador and otherstudies, science had us believing that bulls got angry when they saw red andthis belief up quickly in mainstream media. However, as animal biology has progressed, we have learned that bullsare actually colorblind. So, what are they getting mad about? The movement ofthe cape is what agitates them. 


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