Keywords were created so that we can have access to all the information that the World Wide Web has to offer. However, some keywords can easily betray us and end scarring our lives forever.

10. Meat Spin

Meat Spin

  You would think that aspiring butchers or people looking forknives would be using this keyword for their searches. They were probably horrifiedto see that the results included a man spinning his junk in a circle whilefornicating with another guy. You only see the action from the waist down, butit doesn’t make the result ant less scarring or ridiculous.

9. Tub Girl

Tub Girl

 Shock Videos seem to love featuring feces in order to disgustand shock the viewer. You won’t see a nice photo of a girl relaxing in the bathtub. Instead, you’ll see a girl underneath another girl getting a golden showerof feces.

8. Bed Bugs on Mattresses

Bed Bugs on Mattresses

 If you value your sleep, then you definitely need to suppressyour curiosity and walk away from the keyboard. By searching this keyword,you’ll some mattresses in terrible shape to the point where the bed bugs leavestains behind and are crawling all over the people who are sleeping. If you dodecide to search this, you’ll want to throw out your old mattress immediatelyand drop a couple grand for a new one.

7. Girls Finger-paint

Girls Finger-paint

Created by the same guy that brought us “2 girls 1 cup”, wehave “4 girls finger paint” which is just as, if not more, traumatizing. Youdefinitely see four girls finger painting, but their paint of choice is anothergirl’s feces and their canvas is their own naked bodies. Again, if you valuesoft serve chocolate ice cream, or your last meal, then stay away.

6. Skin Conditions

Skin Conditions

  This keyword seems innocent enough, and it probably getssearched hundreds if not thousands of times a day. But if you click on“Images”, you’ll be horrified at what you see in the results. You’re exposed tosome of the most disgusting skin conditions on the planet including maggots ina rotted heel of a foot and flaky skin will give anyone the heebie jeebies.

5. Lemon Party

	Lemon Party

   By googling the keyword, “Lemon Party”, you’re graced withone of the original shocker websites where you three old men having athreesome. It can ruin the innocence of even the most corrupted minds.

4. Pain Olympics

	Pain Olympics

 How much pain can you tolerate? And are you willing tocompete with other people for internet fame? The pain we experience is therefor a reason as a way of telling ourselves to stop whatever you’re doing sothat your body isn’t harmed. The pain Olympics is sponsored by BME, the bodymodification enzine, and you’re graced with competitors who are willing totightly tie and even cut off their own genitalia in order to win.

3. 2 Girls 1 Cup

2 Girls 1 Cup

This video is practically a classic, but there are newinternet surfers every day emerging who don’t know what this video is allabout. To help prevent the spoiling of the video and save you from the traumaat the same time we suggest not searching this keyword if you value your loveof chocolate soft serve ice cream.

2. Trypophobia


If you have had the on the back of your neck stand up whilelooking at cluster of small holes, then you may TRYPOPHOBIA. The term onlyrecently surfaced, but it seems that a significant number of people suffer fromit. From honey combs to lotus pods, the fear is believed to stem from anancient instinct to stay away poisonous things that have clusters of holes.ithas also inspired some graphic artists to implement hole clusters on disturbingparts of the body to scar us all.

1. Blue Waffle

Blue Waffle

 We’ll give you a heads up and say that while there arewaffles made with blue food coloring that won’t be the image you see when yougoogle this keyword. Instead of seeing some blue eggos, you’ll see a photo ofsome diseased genitalia that has all the bumps, puss, bruising and blood thatyour mind can imagine. If anything, this keyword should probably be used in sexeducation programs to promote STD testing and condoms.


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