5 photos taken right before death! Ranging from 2 people stuck on a wind turbine that's on fire to a parkour missing his step on a 16 story building, we look at 5 photos taken just before death!


A 20 year old man allegedly crossed 2 or 3 barriers to get to the edge of the New Delhi zoo's tiger exhibit he slipped and fell 18 feet into the moat which the tiger saw and came over to investigate what happened next is probably best left to your imagination but it was a couple of hours before zookeepers were able to drive the tiger back into its cage and recover the body.


This is John Lennon signing an autograph for Mark David Chapman his biggest fan Chapman later shot Lennon a few hours after this picture was taken as Lennon was returning to his apartment.


In this photo pavel caffeine a parkour free runner is flipping on the ledge of a 16-story building. the maneuver was successful but he lost his footing just after landing Kushina over the edge and died on impact.


this is Gary slock posing for a selfie with his mom right before their flight lifts off from Amsterdam in June 2014 at the start of their South Pacific vacation a few hours later their flight Malaysian airlines flight MH-17 was shot down over Ukraine with no survivors.


In 2013 a wind turbine caught fire as two technicians were working on it. to their horror there wasn't anything they could do once the blaze started. the to embrace before one tries his luck at jumping almost 200 feet to his death and the other tried crawling down through the tube only to get trapped inside. they were only 19 and 21 years old.


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