Have you ever dreamed of having a pet? And not about a cat or a dog, but about someone really unusual, maybe even... exotic? In fact, many people around the world keep different animals at home. Can you imagine a pig sleeping on the couch or a buffalo in the middle of the kitchen? For some animal lovers this is a usual routine. So, make yourself comfortable, and get ready to see the most unusual pets in the world.

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  • Lol...people would take pics of me walking with my turkey. Her name was Jive. I had no idea how sweet a turkey can be if you raise them with love!
  • Having a bear in the house will have the robber think twice before trying to steal something. The bear will sit on the robber till the police comes to arrest him.
  • The buffalos were not buffalos they were bisons.
  • Not a fan of having wild animals as pets. Zoo's are one thing, to keep an endangered species vital is important, but having wild animals as pets shouldn't be supported. Even parrots sometimes end up with an owner that doesn't want them anymore or doesn't understand how to care for them. Lots of these animals end up either dead, or in the case of the chimpanzee that tore off a woman face, going psychotic because THEY AREN'T DOMESTICATED! All for human's that want to "look cool". Whatever.
  • Wow.. Felt like I saw the Zootopia Movie...Whoo.. and that huge buffalo in the house

  • Humans have lost the ability to live and enjoy each other. We have turned into torturing animals by forcing them into living in our boring lives outside their natural habitats. Keeping pets is wrong.
  • Foxes won't bite owners if they get loved and treated good by their one(parents because they are family members.) well if they are clever they will bite you.
  • Release them from their cages,they should be able too go in and out when ever they want, like kids. Master slavery is bad and animals are treated like that, what is the difference between them and us, that is discrimination.
  • I prefer to have an elephant,buffalo, hippos ETC as my pet...but not a snake!!!!
  • My friend has two tarantulas that shed their skins several times a year. She sprays the skins with acrylic, then sticks them on all her windows. Her house has never been broken into.


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