Animals show so much more compassion then us humans maybe this will teach us all a lesson!

Top 5 Comments......!

  • Yes animals have started becoming heroes on the contrary humans are turning into villains...
  • That dog, in trying to get the fish wet, was showing more "humanity" than the people laughing...
  • It is sad to know that we are the cause of most animal deaths. We have run over pets, we've tortured animals till they can't stand, we kill animals for veil, and we kill for sport....We won't stop till it's too late. If we stop, will we stop in time?
  • The dog that tried to save the fishes lives... the people just stood here and laughed! I SWEAR IF I WAS THERE I WOULD KILL THOSE PEOPLE AND PUT THE FISH IN THE DAMN WATER
  • The picture on video title implies you will see this image when you watch this video, bait they never show one image of lion with baby in its mouth not a monkey or any baby what so ever so false title lies once again title has nothjng to do with this video bait


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