Naked Prosthetics custom-makes prosthetics that improve give amputees motor function and protection. Specifically, this is developed for those with finger loss, these prosthetics mimic actual finger movement by working in cohesion with the remaining fingers. Naked Prosthetics makes the fingers through a combination of 3D printing and machinery.

Top Comments

  • Missing 4 fingers and can light a matchWhile im here with all my fingers and can only break the match
  • This is Incredible, think of how many people this will end up helping to have normal lives again
  • as a person who recently lost 4 fingers to the knuckle in an industrial accident; this video has restored my hope that my hand can be used again for everyday tasks.
  • great advertisement! i gonna cut my fingers now!
  • Umm so YouTube recommend me this video after I watched battlefield v trailer. ....I wonder why?


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