“Fashion fades, only style remains the same.”

What Historical Decade Actually Matches Your Style?

  1. You got: 1190s

    Whether you were joining in on a crusade or avoiding famine, you would

  2. You got: 1280s

    Whether you were involved in a bit of naval warfare or watching family dynasties be formed, clearly you would

  3. You got: 1370s

    Whether trying your hand at a new continental trend or watching a royal coronation through the muddy streets, you would

  4. You got: 1460s

    Whether hearing about another battle in the Wars of the Roses or some young new artist named Da Vinci something, clearly people would

  5. You got: 1550s

    Whether avoiding execution under Queen Mary I

  6. You got: 1640s

    Whether claiming your stake in a place called New England or traveling the world by sea, you would


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